My Story

Madi Olejnicak is a Minnesota-born writer and a 2023 graduate of North Central University. She is now a part-time professor teaching at North Central University. While attending college, Madi pursued a journalism degree and a Biblical studies minor. In future years she hopes to continue publishing Christian non-fiction books for young adults wrestling with matters of faith. Outside of writing, Madi is an artist, an avid animal lover, and loves to spend time with her friends. 

“When I was 14 years old, I gave up social media for 30 days. From that small experience, I discovered a way of life filled with God’s joy, a clearer purpose, and rest for my soul. I believe Generation Z is suffering from an identity crisis caused by the overuse of social media. Do our profiles truly portray the people we are? What drives us to keep scrolling for more content? How come everyone else seems to have the perfect life online? More importantly, how does God, the Bible, and faith fit into this entire mess? Join me on a journey to learn more about social media’s influence, your Godgiven purpose, and our culture today.”